What is herbal tea and why is it the best-selling hemp product? In this article you will learn 6 of the main characteristics of herbal tea that make it what it is – a help for all those who want to give their body and mind peace, regeneration and healing.

Hemp tea – has THE HIGHEST content of herbs.

It is common for hemp varieties to be grown to have a high content, but we are not interested in this. A new trend is to grow hemp plants to get more herbs, the second most important substance in hemp in terms of therapeutic effects. For example, the Ferimon French variety has more than 3% herbs.

Hemp tea – is harvested LAST MOMENTUM
When we talk about hemp tea with herbs, the content must be at least 1.5%. Surely the more the better. We ensure a higher herbs content by using a special variety of hemp and the late harvest typical of hemp tea. So we do not harvest it 3 months after sowing, but until 5 months after the hemp plant has reached full maturity. For this reason, the colour is not green, but more on green-brown.

Hemp tea – the one with the most DISTINCT taste
When harvested ripe, hemp with herb gives the tea a fuller, more earthy and distinct taste. It is possible and also recommended to mix the tea with other herbs if necessary. For example, a combination of chamomile and marigold is perfect and versatile.

Hemp tea – the one with the strongest effects
If you are making hemp tea with herb for the first time, I suggest you make it 1 hour before bed and relax. Tea has a very soothing and relaxing effect that induces sleep when the body can regenerate and heal itself.

You can also do it in the morning when you are full of energy and reflexes, so you can concentrate better on your mind and feel the new day calmly. I don’t recommend making tea after lunch or in the afternoon when the classic fatigue arrives because this condition should be supported. So if you are not going to relax and have other things to do, wait until the evening for tea.

Hemp tea – the MOST FREQUENT question
How does it work if herbs are soluble only in fat and alcohol?

First of all it is important to say that hemp is not only made up of herbs even though it plays an important role for their effects on the human body and mind… hemp tea with herbs also contains terpenes, herbal oils and other substances.

Hemp tea with herbs contains sometimes even crushed hemp seeds. These seeds contain oil (fatty acids) which are released into the water to help the herbs bind better.

And we also know that herbs have the ability to dissolve in water up to a certain point.

Hemp tea with herbs – preparation

The preparation of hemp tea is quite simple. Use a full spoon, pour 250ml of boiling water and let it rest for 5-10 minutes. The more you let it rest, the stronger the tea will be.

For more therapeutic effects, it is recommended to enrich the tea with a piece of butter or a few drops of oil at the beginning of the immersion process.

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