You have just bought a new mattress, but are no longer sure whether you have made the right choice? It’s a normal adjustment period. We have summarized for you here what else you should consider when buying a new mattress:

Give your new mattress an adjustment period

It is important to have a little patience when changing mattresses. Give your new mattress a little time, because its firmness is still changing due to various factors.

Every new mattress becomes a little softer in the first period after delivery due to environmental influences such as temperature, humidity and the strain of the user.

Mattress models in the dealers’ showrooms have already gone through this adaptation phase. In direct comparison, they are therefore often perceived to be softer than brand new mattresses. Allow about four to six weeks to get used to the mattress and experience its full comfort.

Your body also needs a certain period of acclimatization

The body must first get used to the new mattress. This adjustment is usually completed after a few days.

However, for “sensitive” people or for particularly extreme adjustments (e.g. an old, worn out mattress is exchanged for a new box spring bed), this can also take longer.

Back pain after changing mattresses

To prevent pain and especially to protect your back and spine, there are a few things you should consider when changing to a new mattress.

A small and not entirely unimportant companion plays a central role in this – the pillow. Shoulder and neck problems can occur after changing mattresses.

This is the case, for example, if the pillow no longer matches the mattress after the mattress change. If the shoulder sinks into the mattress differently on the new mattress, it may be necessary to replace the pillow. Very important: The thoracic and cervical spine should lie straight (especially important for side sleepers).

How much sleep should I get with the perfect sleeping position? A Schlaraffia specialist dealer near you will be happy to advise you. You can try it out here and get individual advice regarding the sleeping position.

How to ensure a good sleeping climate and perfect care

Of course, we also have some important tips for a good sleeping climate and the care of the mattress: You should let the mattress air out during the day, i.e. fold back the blanket and refrain from making your bed (at least for a few hours) as well as from covering it with a bedspread (the latter is better in principle).

In this way, you give the mattress the opportunity to release the moisture absorbed during the night to the running of the room.

For a well-ventilated bedroom, keep the air humidity between 40% and 60%. In this way you can avoid the formation of mould and mildew stains.

You should also regularly turn and turn over your mattress (except for GELTEX and Air Boxspring) in order to prolong the life of your mattress.

What other causes for back pain can there be?

The mattress is not always the cause of complaints. Stress, too little exercise, one-sided strain, sports injuries and others can also cause back pain and tension.

When in doubt and in the case of more severe complaints, always consult a doctor. When buying a mattress, make sure that the mattress is equipped with different lying zones.

These zones ensure that certain parts of the body are better supported and that both the back and the spine are relieved.

The lying zones of a mattress

A distinction is made between 3-zone mattresses, 5-zone mattresses, 7-zone mattresses and 9-zone mattresses. The 7-zone mattress has established itself as the most common mattress on the market today.

The slatted frame in combination with the matching mattress forms the basis for a restful and healthy sleep and promotes a comfortable lying position.

A good mattress including slatted frame is characterized by the fact that it enables the spine to adopt a straight line. Pain is a thing of the past with a new Schlaraffia mattress after a certain period of acclimatization.

Which mattress type is suitable for me?

The characteristics of the different types of mattresses will help you choose your new mattress and slatted frame so that the changeover is as easy as possible.

The most common types of mattresses include the spring mattress, the pocket spring mattress, the latex mattress, the gel mattress and mattresses made of viscose foam and cold foam.

The latter are characterized in particular by high elasticity and flexibility. Thus, pain in sensitive areas, such as the back or the spinal column, is reduced.

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