Easter is a joyous holiday that brings families together to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Alongside its religious significance, Easter also signifies the arrival of spring and the renewal of life. What better way to get into the festive spirit than by engaging in fun and easy DIY Easter crafts with your kids? These creative projects not only provide quality bonding time but also allow children to explore their artistic talents. In this blog post, we’ll explore a variety of delightful Easter crafts for kids that will add an extra touch of magic to your celebrations.

Easter Egg Decorating

Easter eggs are an iconic symbol of this holiday, and decorating them can be a wonderfully artistic endeavor for children. Start by hard-boiling some eggs, and then let your kids go wild with their creativity. You can provide them with various materials such as watercolor paints, markers, stickers, and even natural dyes made from vegetables like beets and spinach. Encourage them to experiment with colors, patterns, and designs to create their own unique Easter egg masterpieces.

Easter Bunny Masks

Easter wouldn’t be complete without the Easter Bunny, and what better way to celebrate than by making Easter Bunny masks? You can easily craft these masks with some paper plates, cotton balls, craft sticks, and markers. Let your children design their own bunny faces, glue on cotton balls for the fluffy cheeks, and attach the masks to craft sticks for easy handling. These masks are perfect for taking cute Easter photos or even putting on a mini Easter parade.

Easter Basket Creations

Crafting Easter baskets is a timeless tradition that kids absolutely love. Provide your children with plain baskets, colorful ribbons, and an array of craft supplies like stickers, glitter, and paint. They can personalize their baskets by decorating them with their favorite Easter-themed designs. Once the baskets are ready, your kids can fill them with goodies like chocolate eggs and candies, making them perfect for Easter egg hunts or as delightful gifts for friends and family.

Paper Plate Chick and Lamb Craft

This adorable craft project is perfect for younger children. To create a paper plate chick, paint a paper plate yellow, let it dry, and then add googly eyes, a beak, and feathers for wings. For a lamb, use cotton balls to cover another paper plate and add googly eyes, a nose, and some construction paper ears. These cute creations will surely put a smile on your kids’ faces.

Easter Egg Garland

Transform your home into an Easter wonderland with a homemade egg garland. Have your children cut out egg shapes from colored paper or foam, and then let them decorate each egg with markers, stickers, and glitter. Once the eggs are ready, string them together with some twine or ribbon to create a beautiful Easter garland that can be hung around the house or in the garden.

Easter Bunny Handprint Art

Capture a moment in time by creating Easter Bunny handprint art. Dip your child’s hand in white paint and carefully press it onto a piece of colored paper, creating the bunny’s body. Add ears, eyes, a nose, and whiskers to complete the bunny’s face. This craft not only results in a cute keepsake but also allows you to see how your child’s hand size changes over the years.

Egg Carton Flowers

Give new life to old egg cartons by turning them into vibrant spring flowers. Cut out individual cups from the carton, paint them in different colors, and let your kids add stems and leaves made from pipe cleaners and green construction paper. These eggcarton flowers make lovely table centerpieces and can also be gifted to grandparents or teachers as a thoughtful gesture. If you are seeking a source and ideas about easter crafts for kids, you may visit the Bible Keeper blog to learn more.


Easter crafts for kids are a fantastic way to celebrate the holiday while nurturing creativity, fine motor skills, and a love for DIY projects. These fun and easy Easter crafts not only provide hours of entertainment but also create lasting memories for both parents and children. Whether you’re decorating Easter eggs, crafting bunny masks, or making paper plate creations, the joy of creating something with your own hands and spending quality time together is what makes Easter truly special. So, this holiday season, gather your little ones, gather your craft supplies, and let the creativity flow as you embark on these delightful DIY projects. Happy Easter!

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